Visa On Arrival Vietnam

Need a visa to enter Vietnam?

Yes, except citizens of a few countries is with visa exemption: most Asian countries, Korea, Japan & Scandinavians (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland).
All other citizens are required to have a Vietnamese visa before departure or a pre-approved entry visa supplied before arrival in Vietnam by your Vietnam Immigration Office

Tourist visas:

You are highly recomended to apply tourist visa to vietnam in your home country. it’s very easy and simple. You just ask any travel agent in your home country to arrange a tourist visa for you and buy a tourist backage to vietnam or go directly to the consulate/Embassy to apply tourist visa.

Business visas:

There are advantages to having a business visa: it’s usually valid for three or six months, it can be issued for multiple entries and you are permitted to work.
getting business visa has now become fairly easy. some travel agencies that organize tourist visa and also orgainize business visa. the main draw back is the cost, a business visa cost about 4 times what you’d pay for a tourist visa. trying to optain the visa yourself through a vietnamese embassy will probly be more trouble than it’s worth-it’s better to let a travel agent handle it

Re-entry visas:

It’s theoretically possible to enter combodia,Laos or any other country from vietnam and then re-enter without having toapply for another visa. However, you must apply for a re-entry visa before you leave’ll be given a receipt and confirmation number to pick up the visa in the country you areheaded to. if you do not have a re-entry visa you’ll have to go through the whole expensivea and time-consuming procedure of applying for a new Vietnamese visa

Student visas:

A student visa is something you usually arrange after your arrival. it’s acceptable to enter vietnam on a tourist visa. enrol in a Vietnamese language course and then apply at the immigration police for a change in status. of course, students do have to pay tuition and are expected to attend classes for a mininum of 10 hours per week to qualify for student status. A student visa holder can offically only work up to 10 hours per week

Visa extension:

This service is available at all travel agencies In theory, you should be able to exlend your visa in any provincial capital. In practice, it goes smothlest in major cities. Such as HCM city, Hanoi, Danang and Hue, which caterto mass tourism.