Become a respsonsible traveller

During the past decade there has been a growth in eco-tourism that promotes and supports conservation and is also deemed fair and considerate to local communities. We at Origin Vietnam Travel Team are fully committed to eco-tourism, over the years of our independent travelling around the world we have learned some important points to “become a responsible traveller”.

  • Spend money on locally produced goods and services and be reasonable when bargaining.
  • Use water and electricity carefully, hotel guests may receive preferential supply while local communities are overlooked.
  • Learn about local customs, culture and etiquette.
  • Protect wildlife and natural resources (a motto is “TAKE only photographs and LEAVE only footprints”).
  • Always ask before taking photographs or video of local people, permission usually guarantees a smile.
  • Rather than handing out money and sweets to children, which in the long term encourages begging, consider donating to a recognised project, charity or local school.